CRITICAL Warning When Closing Gnome2

Chris chris at
Tue Oct 11 15:22:32 PDT 2005

Kevin Kinsey wrote:
> Lawrence Petrykanyn wrote:
>> Hi!
>>    I am a newbie running 5.4 on an AMD Sempron with a dual boot
>> (Win98SE) in a home environment.  I am networked with two other
>> Window boxes to share a high-speed DSL.  My machine has been
>> running smoothly for a few months now.
>>    I have two issues that I would gratefully appreciate some insight
>> into and I think that they may be related.  First, I get error messages
>> when I shut down Gnome2.  Second, portupgrade skips the upgrade
>> for Gnome2 (I think because Mozilla fails).
> IANAE, but IIRC you can't use portupgrade to upgrade Gnome2.
> Take a look at for directions and a specially
> crafted upgrade script that is supposed to do the trick for you.

...and /usr/ports/UPDATING.

Did you 'make fetchindex' and 'portsdb -u' immediately after cvsup-ing?


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