distcc and cross-compiling for FreeBSD on Linux/Solaris

Dan Nelson dnelson at allantgroup.com
Mon Oct 10 07:40:38 PDT 2005

In the last episode (Oct 10), Garrett Cooper said:
> On Oct 10, 2005, at 2:34 AM, Andrew P. wrote:
> > We've got some mostly idle, but powerful sparc64 servers running
> > Solaris 9/10, as well as a host of Linux servers (x86 and x86_64).
> > Of course, all the real work is done on a pack of FreeBSD boxes :-)
> >
> > Some days ago I started using ccache and distcc, and I really love
> > these tools. Now I want to get the Solaris and Linux servers to do
> > something useful and compile world, kernels and ports for the
> > FreeBSD boxes. Is there a somewhat comprehensive guide to this? Can
> > somebody share his experience with me? I'm now looking into
> > crosstool how-to's, but I have no knowledge of gcc intrinsics, and
> > some points are very hard for me to understand.
>     Good luck with that effort. Not to treat it as the feat is
> entirely impossible, but I'm not sure how you would approach it
> without using GNU lib stuff since linux runs via GNU libs whereas
> FreeBSD uses their own libc package.

Distcc takes care to only pass preprocessed source to remote hosts, and
only distributes source->object compile requests, so you don't need
FreeBSD headers or libraries on the other systems; just a
cross-compiler.  I can't help with setting up cross-compilers, but
since there's a FAQ entry on it (
http://distcc.samba.org/faq.html#cross-compile ), doing what you want
is certainly possible.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at allantgroup.com

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