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Randy Pratt bsd-unix at comcast.net
Sun Oct 9 16:18:12 PDT 2005

On Sun, 09 Oct 2005 08:30:26 -0700
Micah <micahjon at ywave.com> wrote:

> eoghan wrote:
> > Hello
> > I have done some searching but not really found my answer. I was  
> > wondering if there is a way to check port version? I cvsup'd my ports  
> > and id like to check version of some ports before I install them...
> > I know many have the version in the dir like mysql. But for example / 
> > usr/ports/X11/kde3/
> > I dont know if this is 3.4 or 3.5? I have checked the make file...  But 
> > I dont see the version.
> > Thanks
> > Eoghan
> There may be easier ways, but this is how I check. For regular ports 
> (your example is a metaport) you can check distinfo to see which version 
> of the source files it's downloading.  You can also check 
> www.freshports.org and see there along with other useful information. 
> According to freshports, the kde3 in a recently updated ports tree is 3.4.2.
> HTH,
> Micah

I think what you may be asking for can be found using the ports
Make variables, for example:

	cd /usr/ports/x11/kde3
	make -V PKGNAME

The above returns "kde-3.4.2" on my system.  Of course, there are
more ports Make variables which can be found in:





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