suPHP - secure/reliable?

Sam Nilsson lists at
Fri Oct 7 17:52:23 PDT 2005

M. L. wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to know your opinions on suPHP. I was looking for some software 
> that would execute PHP scripts as the user who owns them, instead of 
> www, and came up with that. But the site is written in poor english, the 
> software consists on a root setuid binary, so I'm a bit worried about 
> the quality of this software.
> Does anyone have anything to say about suPHP, either good or bad stuff ? 
> I'd like your opinions.
> Regards,
> M. L.

I can't answer your questions about suPHP. I chose a different way. I 
installed the fastcgi apache module from ports, and I compiled the 
php-cgi port with fastcgi support. Then I compiled apache with suexec 
support so that I can run cgis (fastcgi included) as whatever users I need.

If you are interested in taking this route I may be able to help you 
with the little details.

- Sam Nilsson

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