Stored hard drive failure?

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On Oct 5, 2005, at 1:44 AM, K Anderson wrote:

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>> On Oct 5, 2005, at 1:13 AM, K Anderson wrote:
>>> How long can the hard drive sit on the shelf before some sort of   
>>> natural
>>> cause that prevents it from spinning up properly?
>> How long are you storing them for?  I would think that the data  
>> on  the
>> disk would quickly become out of date and stale before any  physical
>> issues would arise.
> Thanks for your response,
> Not sure how long I'm storing them (See above question where I  
> asked -- How
> long can the HD sit on the shelf... and  the other questions seemed  
> to be
> editted out). But you're right the info could become out-of-date  
> unless when
> I did patch management then I would pull the stored HD off the  
> shelf and
> hope that it didn't fail because of non-use and re-mirror the main  
> drive
> then stored the secondary back on the shelf. But then that really  
> doens't
> hit the other two questions that were editted out.
> Perhaps if somebody had experience with doing the very scenario I  
> thought
> of. I know HDs can be touchy but how touchy can they get if they  
> are just
> sitting on the shelf waiting for resuse and me going, darn that HD  
> is bad
> now that it sat on the shelf for X number of [days|weeks|months| 
> years].

I somewhat regularly retrieve used HDs off the shelf for use in some  
test or project or another and never have had a problem with a  
relatively modern HD (like built in the last 5 years) not working,  
even after sitting on a shelf for 1-2 years.

Is your data going to be good after 1-2 years?

If you are talking weeks or months sitting there that should not be  
an issue with modern HD mechanisms


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