using freebsd for a router

JD Bronson jbronson at
Thu Nov 24 14:34:11 GMT 2005

I dont want to start a flame/war here...but was *just* wondering...

I currently use OpenBSD-3.8 for my router (T-1 with many statics) and 
then use FreeBSD-6.0 for my servers (web/mail/DNS...)

I am debating on just standardizing to all FreeBSD.

It seems the security is quite the same - but I dont know about 
performance pros/cons.

It seems that the 'pf' that comes with FreeBSD 6.0 is equal to that 
within OBSD 3.8.

So all things considered - is there any advantage to using FreeBSD 
for a router or just keeping things the way they are....?

Thanks for any comments or flames (I suppose).


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