BSD 5.4 fs problem...

xinyu zeng xinyu.zeng at
Thu Nov 17 09:46:31 GMT 2005

Yes, I do think at that time there should be no much more HD
read/write actions. But it is strange it always hanges at that time.
Am I so luck to always have file written to faulty part of disks? ;(

I am just wondering this is my hardware problem because 5.4 is a
production version and it should had been provisioned by many users
so.... I'd rather believe it is my HW problem.

I'll have a try to get dmesg for it.

Thanks for your suggestion;)

2005/11/17, Mario Hoerich <lists at>:
> # xinyu zeng:
> > sysutils/smartmonutils: No such file or directory.
> > FreeBSD# cd sysutils/
> > FreeBSD# cd smartmontools/
> Ooops.  My fault, sorry.
> > => make-3.80.tar.bz2 doesn't seem to exist in /usr/ports/distfiles/.
> > => Attempting to fetch from
> > make-3.80.tar.bz2                               9% of  899 kB 2034  Bps 06m57s
> Does it always hang in mid-fetch?  That's interesting, because FS
> activity at this point is rather low.  It sounds like some kind of
> deadlock is triggered here.  However, I must admit that I've got
> absolutely no idea what might cause this.
> Unless some other -questions reader has an idea, you might try posting
> your problem to the -stable list or filing a PR.  I think a dmesg-output
> might prove useful, too.
> HTH,
> Mario

Best Regards,
Yours Xinyu.Zeng

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