RELENG_6 cvsup returns 6.0-RC1

Dinesh Nair dinesh at
Sat Nov 12 07:49:34 GMT 2005

On 11/12/05 15:23 Kris Kennaway said the following:
> There is no /etc/defaults/make.conf any longer (it's in
> /usr/share/examples/etc now)

ok, understandable.

>>2. pccardd not being built in a 'make buildworld' due to 
>>/usr/src/usr.sbin/pccard/Makefile not having pccardd in the SUBDIR
> And this was also deliberately disconnected.

any reason why ? admittedly, i'm unfamiliar with 6.0 having been on 4.x for 
a long, long time. does CardBus now not need pccardd anymore ?

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