(6.0) Suspend kills usb CDRW drive :(

Bill Schoolcraft bill at wiliweld.com
Thu Nov 10 17:34:49 GMT 2005

Hello Family,

I have 6.0-REL running fine on my T21 Thinkpad and have a USB
(Memorex) CD+RW drive hooked up to it.

Now for the USB CD+RW, dmesg saw it as /dev/cd0 so I read a
little and edited /etc/devfs.conf to show /dev/cd0 and it was at
that point, after rebooting, that I was able to start burning.

It works fine, "cdrecord -scanbus" sees it as "0,0,0" and I can
burn CD's just fine.

That is, until I suspend the laptop by closing the screen 
(shutting the hood :)

Upon opening the lid it's never been news to me on my 4.10
laptop to have to bring the network device back to life by:

 	ifconfig fxp0 up

Ok, with that information, how can I bring the USB /dev/cd0 back
from the dead?

No longer does "cdrecord -scanbus" show the device like it does
after a fresh reboot.


Bill Schoolcraft
PO Box 210076
San Francisco, CA 94121
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