Максим Голунов mgolunov at
Tue Nov 8 15:41:28 GMT 2005

Hello friends. How do you do?
1) I've got any problems with mac-biba and mac-mls.
I used only mac-biba and mac-mls from family of mac-policy.
I want to set up NFS. And I could do it, really, I needed switch off mac-policy on NFS-server. When I use mac-policy on NFS-server, NFS-client reported "RPCPROG-NFS: ports map failure...: time out" after command "mount_nfs...". I'm repeating, if switch off mac-policy on NFS-server, then NFS good work.
How will I need to change settings to good work NFS?

2) The firm ,when I work, downloaded all packages from (11Gb). My task is to place all packages in NFS-server. When NFS-client is trying to open NFS-directory with all packages, it reported "server:/... is not responding". I'm sure, this mistake is shown because the directory has got many files. If a directory has got some files, NFS-client is opening this directory.
How will I need to change settings to correct work NFS?

3) The next problem is how can write in directories on NFS-server. I read that root from NFS-client can write in directories on NFS-server by default. I was trying and I wrote some small files in NFS-server, but when I was writing file with size more 1 Mb, NFS-client was broken. I must was rebooting a machine.
How will I need to change settings to can write in directories on NFS-server?

Whit the best regards from MAX.

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