Cross device link / FTP

Leo Lapousterle lapousterle at
Wed Nov 2 08:31:50 PST 2005

Hello :)

I've set up a FTP server on my FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE. I've added a hard
drive to extend the storage capability. So my main FTP server is /Ftp and
the extension is in /Ftp2.

There's a problem with links: I made a symlink (ln -s) from /Ftp/example to
/Ftp2/example/, but when I move a folder from /Ftp in "example", my FTP
client tell me : "150 - Cannot rename/write: Cross device link".

My FTP server is Pure-FTPd, the symlink's owner has good UID/GID, chmod
allows the ftp user to access "example" for writing.

If someone has an idea, this problem is getting me mad :)


Léo Lapousterle - Paris, France.

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