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Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Wed Nov 2 06:24:40 PST 2005

On Nov 1, 2005, at 8:27 PM, Steve Bertrand wrote:

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>> That's correct, but we should recall that this is a mailing
>> list to ask technical questions, not discuss logos or flame
>> people.  Discuss logos on the advocacy@ list; don't flame
>> people on any list.
> I don't post here often, lest I ask a question, but I appreciate these
> sorts of comments by people we 'observe' make reliable, wholesome and
> always to-the-point-from-experience posts day in and day out.
> Keep the FBSD lists clean of flames. I haven't followed this entire
> thread, but opinions about the new logo should go to advocacy.

Many people aren't going to subscribe to advocacy just to let a quick 
opinion be noted.

Maybe they're primarily tech people who do have tech questions, and 
feel that this forum is frequented by people "in the know" instead of 
the usual advocacy butterblitters that degrade to ad-hominem attacks 
and whatnot.

Whatever the reason these opinion threads can, do, and will flare up.  
If you don't like them, delete the threads as the appear, because they 
will go away fairly quickly once people vent.  They continue if you or 
other people reply to the threads to perpetuate them.

Personally in the process I often learn something more, whether about 
the project or the project community or human nature in general.  The 
occasional bitching session or idiot flare-up is something that just 
has to be dealt with, whether through the occasional interaction or by 
ignoring it so it goes away faster.

> However...there should be somewhere else where people can state their
> political views to too. -questions is not that list.

Let's make sublists for everything!  Where's 

You know, sometimes lists create communities in themselves.  Sometimes 
people will vent or ask questions or opinions merely because they 
respect the people (or are looking for responses from the people) who 
frequent a particular list, so a little leeway should be given.

Like I said...don't reply, and the thread dies off fairly quick.  I 
find top posting to rattle my cage a lot faster than some random topic 
on the list that may or may not be exactly the most appropriate.

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