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Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Tue Nov 1 18:18:39 PST 2005

> > It's like a hockey game. Does the whole bench need to be 
> involved, or 
> > can it be solved between a few players who are in the kerfluffel?
> You're babbling. Let me wake you up gently here.  What the 
> heck is your point dude?

Point well taken. I will not say right/wrong here, because it is only
opinion...which I appreciate.

I just always thought (or *misunderstood*) that -questions was for
'technical' questions.

I'm tired, it's been a long day. I'm sure everyone has gotten into a
thread where they wish the hadn't, and that they wish they could of been
in bed all day ;)


> Dan
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