New Logo

Danny Pansters danny at
Tue Nov 1 15:39:08 PST 2005

On Tuesday 1 November 2005 23:20, virgil huston wrote:
> On 11/1/05, Danny Pansters <danny at> wrote:
> > On Tuesday 1 November 2005 19:39, stan wrote:
> > > YUK!!!!!!!!!
> >
> > OK I will honestly tell you my first reaction: I laughed until I fell off
> > my chair. Then I put my hand in front of my mouth and whispered OMG.
> This logo is so bad, especially from a marketing perspective, that it
> is almost laughable. I hope it disappears quickly. Whoever did this
> was not a professional graphic designer who knows marketeting and what
> a logo is for. Sorry to be so brutal.

You're not brutal. You're honest and, IMHO, perfectly realistic. I didn't even 
talk about requirements, and I'm not an expert, but this certainly doesn't 
seem to be easily scalable, printable, etc on arbitrary media. That's another 
point (one which was to be the main reason to have the contest) which is what 
you are making here (correct me if I'm wrong).

A simple stylished "F" with two little horns on top of it and probably most of 
us would have loved it.


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