mksnap_ffs woes

Kees Plonsz spam at
Wed Mar 30 05:23:16 PST 2005

Andrea Venturoli wrote on Wednesday 30 March 2005 15:42 in the group list.freebsd.questions:

> Hello.
> I've got some scripts like the following:
> /sbin/mksnap_ffs /usr /tmp/snapshot
> /sbin/mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /tmp/snapshot -u 0
> /sbin/mount -r /dev/md0 /usr/local/etc/snapmnt
> ... (backup data, transfer data, do anything)
> /sbin/umount /usr/local/etc/snapmnt
> /sbin/mdconfig -d -u 0
> /bin/rm -f /tmp/snapshot
> This will sometimes more or less lock my system, since every write
> access to /usr gets stuck.
> ps or top show mksnap_ffs running, but apparently doing nothing, and
> every attempt to kill it will fail. Not even a clean shutdown is possible.

The firsts line of your script contains an error:

     mksnap_ffs mountpoint snapshot_name

     The mksnap_ffs utility creates a snapshot named snapshot_name on the file
     system mounted at mountpoint.  The snapshot_name argument must be con-
     tained within the file system mounted at mountpoint.

So it should be:

mksnap_ffs /usr /usr/any_path

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