Problems with man

Lord Raiden me at
Tue Mar 29 12:15:07 PST 2005

         I've got a server that I just recently upgraded to the latest of 
everything, but for some reason when you type "man" and then what you want 
to look at the manual for I get this error:

man: unable to find the file /etc/manpath.config

         I've looked under /etc and it's there and it's not corrupt or 
anything.  So what might be wrong?  Would this be a file system issue 
because the box DID reboot while it was registering the upgrade for 
bash.  I've tried under CSH and TCSH and it's the same problem.  Is there 
any way to fix this or is this a sign of a much larger issue?  Any pointers 
would be nice.

Oh, and please reply directly to me.  I don't subscribe directly to this 
list.  Thanks.

Steven Lake
Raiden's Realm

Come see "Monk" the comic strip and laugh till you die!  :)

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