Anthony's drive issues.Re: ssh password delay

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Tue Mar 29 08:10:00 PST 2005

Bart Silverstrim writes:

> What did they say?

MS developers are much like most other developers: it's never their

> Isn't that how many FOSS projects get some task more
> efficiently and "better"?


> Nope, but it sure makes it a lot simpler!  Actually it helps hamper
> finding bugs that allow it to happen.

It depends on how the code is written, but I'll agree that most bloated
code is written in great haste, with no attention at all given to the
many holes that are opened by all those millions of extra lines of

> As has been shown time and time again in Microsoft-sponsored studies
> comparing Windows to Linux.  After removing the power supply and 
> encasing my system in concrete, it is FAR more secure than I've ever 
> dreamt possible, and that was with it running DOS! :-)

There's nothing unique about Windows.  But more people attack Windows,
so more holes are found and exploited.  Linux is rapidly catching up.
And Mac OS X isn't immune, although I suspect that almost all the holes
being found in OS X are in Apple's code, not the base OS.


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