Max files in unix folder from PIL process

David Pratt fairwinds at
Mon Mar 28 18:10:15 PST 2005

Hi Corey.  Thank you for your reply. 800K is pretty significant.  Yes, 
the reason I want to use the filesystem is to avoid the speed problems 
that come from storing images in the database. I can see there really 
being no limit when it comes to spreading the numbers thinner but most 
concerned about so many in a single directory.  References to the 
images will come from the database.  Do you don't think I should have 
any problem with 150 - 175 K in a single directory - no subdirectories 
- (just 175K jpg image files of a particular size)?  I guess you 
definitely don't want to do an ls.  Would that crap out the server?


On Monday, March 28, 2005, at 09:44 PM, Corey Brune wrote:

> I've had apps that had over 800k subdirectories and files. As long as
> you know the filename, performance will not be an issue. However, if
> you don't know the full path, then you may want to either redesign the
> app or consider storing everything in the DB. The apps that I've seen
> had the full path stored in the database, and the image on a file
> server.
> I've also had apps that stored everything in the database, and that
> turned out to be a nightmare. Eventually, we moved everything from the
> DB to the filesystem.
> Corey
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