Portupgrade (vs. Portmanager) question

Alec Berryman alec at thened.net
Sun Mar 27 18:31:37 PST 2005

Jay O'Brien on 2005-03-27 18:20:00 -0800:

> Now, pkg_info says I have 10 packages installed; added were ezm3, 
> gettext, gmake, libiconv, libtool, portupgrade,ruby and ruby18. If 
> these all required to make portupgrade or perl work, where is that 
> reference?

They are required to build and run portupgrade.  If you do a 'make search
name=portupgrade' from /usr/ports, it will list all the dependencies.
> PS.. I tried to install portmanager again, and this time it got the 
> files immediately and installed fine. It took about a minute, not two 
> hours. It reports that all my ports are up to date. Whew.

That's because portupgrade did all the work :)  If you had run
portmanager before running portupgrade, you would have seen something
similar - portmanager taking two hours and portupgrade taking almost
no time at all.
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