ath driver usage for Netgear WG511T

Rodger Castle rodger at
Sat Mar 26 04:32:05 PST 2005

I am trying to get a Netgear WG511T working with FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE.

I noticed that this card was listed in my HARDWARE.TXT list, so I assumed it would be supported.  Upon trying this card, having it fail, and doing some digging in pccard.conf, I see that it is not.  I attempted to use ndis/if_ndis with the driver supplied with the card and it throws several errors as well.  I do not have access to the error logs at the moment as I am currently compiling an upgrade to 5.4-PRERELEASE to attempt to correct the problem.

Assuming this upgrade doesn't work, how should I address this problem and assist with its resolution?  Specifically, I am interested in using this card in a Toshiba Tecra 550CDT with the FlyingJ Travel Center's Wi-Fi system ( as I travel a lot and would like to have a good, stable connection to use to login to my home servers.

Rodger Castle

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