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Peter Risdon peter at
Fri Mar 25 06:09:20 PST 2005


On the grounds that this a new front, I'll post on this thread one last
time, but I have been suggesting for several posts now that we've all
expressed our views and other people can make up their minds without
constant repetition from us.

On Fri, 2005-03-25 at 13:18 +0100, Josh Ockert wrote:
> Good God this is all non-sensical. 

If you really want to pick up my spelling mistake, which I happily
acknowledge I made, it's ironic to see you make one yourself (nonsense
is not hyphenated). But English is perhaps not your langue de naissance?
If not, I compliment you on your facility with it. J'essaye de utiliser
la francaise mais je ne suis pas du tout pres de votre niveau en

> Peter, there is absolutely nothing
> to give the impression that questions is meant to be entirely,
> exclusively, or even primarily English-language list.

True enough for the first two (entirely, exclusively), but people _are_
encouraged to use English and I quoted from the FreeBSD website to
demonstrate that. I don't know why you haven't accepted this, even if
you disagree with it, or explained why you do not.

I have never responded to anyone who posted in a language other than
English that they should not have done so - and lots of other people
have. I think the list should be, and generally is, welcoming for
everyone, regardless of whether or not they have sufficient competence
in English to use it to ask a question.

But I do disagree with you about the idea that the list should be
officially linguistically agnostic. I think people should be encouraged
to use one language if possible, and that for a variety of reasons
English is the obvious choice. In this, I seem to be closer to the
guidelines expressed on the FreeBSD website than you are. But that
doesn't mean I'm right, or that a majority would agree. However, it is a
valid, genuine opinion and it's a shame you choose to respond to it with
insults, even in French, and mail filtering.

I guess I should have realised that there's a fairly bitter
philosophical divide underlying this sort of debate. It's similar to
multiculturalism vs. integration, or the occasional battles within the
European Union over language. FWIW, I also think the EU should adopt one
language primarily, but that for historical reasons this should be

And that really is it. I subscribed to this list for technical
questions, not for this sort of circular and needlessly personal sort of


>  Consider the
> following:
>         1) FreeBSD is a US project, and the US has no official
> language, so there is no implied language for the project. In
> addition, many people in the US speak languages (natively) other than
> English. I should know. I'm from Northern Michigan and if you want to
> try explaining to a big burly fur-trader descendant named Reuben who
> lives on Bois Blanc island that he is not supposed to speak French,
> you're likely to get the crap beaten out of you. In short, even if you
> look at as being country-specific (I disagree with this in
> the first place, but anyway) that still doesn't mean English should
> necessarily dominate on its lists.
>         2) There are NO official french-language lists. There is a
> French-language list, but it is not official. I am subscribed to it,
> and as such I can assure you that, per day, more francophones read the
> official list than they do the unofficial french-language list. This
> makes it quite unreasonable to expect francophones to use the
> unofficial list, knowing they won't receive support.
> If you would like to continue with this connerie, you may do so; but
> if you do, don't expect thereafter that your messages will continue to
> show up in my inbox. By the way, I assume you are indeed a native
> anglophone, so even according to the guidelines there is no excuse for
> your spelling of xenophobic with a z.

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