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Fri Mar 25 04:52:56 PST 2005

On Fri, 25 Mar 2005, Erik Trulsson wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 01:09:52PM +0100, Gert Cuykens wrote:
>> Yep joe looks great. But i dont understand why they use ^K so much ?
>> What is the logic behind ^K what does K stand for ? I would understand
>> ^J on all the special joe key bindings but ^K ?
> The default keybindings in Joe are based on those used in WordStar
> which used ^K (as well as ^Q) for many commands, so it is mainly
> historical reasons.  WordStar used to be very popular so many people
> are already familiar with those keybindings (either directly from
> WordStar, or from one of the many other programs that also used some
> variant of them.)
> I don't think K stands for anything really - I think it was chosen
> mainly because it was placed in a convenient position on the keyboard.
> The WordStar keybindings might not seem very logical at first glance,
> but ones fingers very quickly learn them. (Unlike e.g. the default
> keybindings in Emacs which are quite logical, but which I usually find
> difficult to remember.)

I might add that Joe is exceedingly easy to configue (no lisp!)
besides coming with a choice of (once) popular bindings --
simply invoke it with one of its other names.  You can
reconfigure each of them so you can have several versions of
the one you prefer or the configuration you like.  Macros can do
pipe stuff through any pipe-aware command you have on
your system, so things get done exactly as they would on the
command line and not with some internal sort-of-like.

Despite the C in EMACS, it is exceedingly hard to configure, and
some things really are impractical to change.  If you want to do
something else with control-X and control-c, you should be able
to map those functions elsewhere. (To many people control-x,
control-c, and control-v seem logically connected to cut,
copy, and paste, respectively.) But just try it.  Too many
packages have been written that assume you won't move those

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