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Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Thu Mar 24 12:34:46 PST 2005

Christopher Nehren wrote:

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>On 2005-03-24, Roeland Hemsteede scribbled these
>curious markings:
>>I recently installed the ftp port "wu-ftpd" from /usr/ports/ftp/wu-ftpd. 
>>However I cant find out how to start this, I want to add this to the 
>>autostart by adding a line to my rc.conf but am unsure what line to add. 
>>I tried wu-ftpd_enable="yes" but this didnt work, can someone help me 
>>out and tell me what line to add?
>You need to create your own startup script in order to make wu-ftpd
>work. I suggest following an example from another port.

However, a startup script _could_ be as simple as whatever command
you would issue at the CLI to start the program, on a single line,
saved as "" and placed under /usr/local/etc/rc.d/.

It is also quite possible to instruct cron to start this server
via root's crontab:

@reboot      /usr/local/bin/someprogram -c /home/me/myconfig 2>&1

However, a more complex script allows easy stopping or
restarting of the daemon, eliminating the need to look up
PID's and/or call kill(1), etc.

Kevin Kinsey

PS > I can't comment on wu-ftpd's security, but it sure looks
like Christopher's warning deserves serious attention, at least
up to the point of making further inquiries via BuqTraq, a
search engine, etc...

>And, although normally I wouldn't do this, I can't send this reply in
>good conscience without warning you about wu-ftpd's horrid security
>record. People have even coined a phrase about Wu-FTPd's security
>record: "Providing remote root since at least 1994." ProFTPD isn't much
>better, either. I strongly recommend you either use the FTP daemon that
>ships with FreeBSD or install something with a better record, like
>Best Regards,
>Christopher Nehren

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