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> Clamav is supposed to be good for filtering windows viruses out of email.
> I  know dropped Kaspersky in favour of Clamav, they claimed
> the  updates to be at least as good.
We did some pretty thorough testing of Clamav, uvscan (McAfee) and sophie 
(Sophos) side by side on a mail gateway using amavisd.

Clamav was *almost* as good as McAfee and definitely better than Sophos at 
detecting viruses.  Clamav beat uvscan hands down on cpu usage and 
detection of Phishing scams.

Here's our latest stats - clamav is primary.  uvscan only gets used if 
clamav doesn't detect a virus.

These statistics represent data from 2005-03-01 to yesterday
Total detections - 7369
Total phishing scams - 7080
Total viruses - 289
Total McAfee - 23
Total ClamAV - 266

The last two lines are *unique* detections.  Basically what it means is 
that clamav missed 23 viruses that uvscan subsequently caught.  So clamav 
has a 92.04% virus detection rate so far for the month.  (Updates are 
fetched and installed automatically for both scanners.)

When I was keeping separate stats on each, clamav ran about a half a 
percent behind uvscan and sophie *never* had an independent detection.  It 
also had a much lower detection rate.  (E.g. clamav 94.6, uvscan 95.3, 
sophie 91.8)

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