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Tom Vilot tom at
Wed Mar 23 08:49:40 PST 2005

Peter Risdon helpful contributes:

> You don't _have_ to boot into single user mode. See below.

Okay, cool.

I have one last question (me thinks) before I attempt this. (and I'll
attempt it on my home server, first, even though it is a 5.3 box. At
least I can get practice).

On the 4.9 server, what should my supfile's tag be?

*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_4_11

Is that right?

And I assume I would then be safe doing:

rm -fr /usr/src
cvsup stable-supfile

[ re: going from 4.x to 5.x]

> No, this would have some issues that you might be better avoiding
> right now.

I've since gathered that is the case. I can see it is possible, but
since the server has two drives, I think I'll wait on this, install 5.3
on the second drive, and deal with that stuff then.

> The only time I have ever had a problem with a remote upgrade within the
> 4.x tree was when _I_ made a mistake.

You think you're special, eh? :c)
I make some JUICY mistakes sometimes, too!!

> The only difference from the procedure in the handbook for a remote
> upgrade is that you would not boot into single user mode at any point,
> obviously, but instead do a normal reboot.

Generally, I am the only user logged into the machine. So the only issue
is running processes, which I am not all that worried about since right
after the install I'm going to reboot.....
> Do read /usr/src/UPDATING, consider what you might need
> in /etc/make.conf and understand how mergemaster(8) works before
> Starting.

Thank you, Peter.

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