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Tue Mar 22 06:49:16 PST 2005

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005, Stijn Hoop wrote:

> Can we please STOP fueling Anthony's drivel?
> --Stijn
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> Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

I have two words for you: Mail Filtering.

Use it. It can work wonders on signal to noise ratio. He is not going to 
quit, ever.

Honestly, the whole disk thing reminds me of an experience with FreeBSD 
and an old gateway solo laptop.

I wanted to make better use of it, as it was given to me, and it had 
windows 98 on it. Now, when I went to install 5.3, the machine would boot 
off CD, but, completely bork upon trying to get the disk to work.

I popped in my 4.x CD, it worked with the disk fine. So, something must 
have changed. I scoured the list for similar/related issues. And, I found 
a simple setting change I could make at boot time, for the DMA settings, 
to get 5.3 installed. Made the same change in the .conf for boottime, and 
I was off and running.

What I did not do, was camp out on the list, make wild random accusations 
that FreeBSD was a bug infested nightmare, because windows worked, but the 
newest FreeBSD did not. Windows has a very high tolerance for errors, 
which it masks.Masking such things is typically by design, so as not to 
panic the person sitting in front of it. I have seen this time and again. 
It's not a reason to panic. Ever. Also consider, it shields alot of 
"sysadmins" from real issues, as opposed to forcing them to deal with them 
in a real positive way: researching the problem to solution. I think this 
is one of the core issues Anthony has: having been sheltered from any real 
issues such as these, he's not equipped.

Having worked to get LinuxPPC (when it was new) working with NewWorld 
Macs, and new powerbooks, there are always solutions, provided you dont 
act like a reprehensible jackass, who spouts off about their credentials, 
etc, ad infinitum, as a justification for bowing to their irrational and 
asinine behavior.

The bottom line is, this guy will never go away. He dosent "get it", so to 
speak. He dosent understand the fundamentals of open source methodology, 
he does not have a clear, concise, and professional understanding of how 
development, or any kind of rational sense of how the troubleshooting 
method works. He has zero clue as to how one can apply isolation logic, 
and all he wants to do is say, "it worked on NT, now you better make it 
work for me, or else your product sucks, and you are not a real developer 
if you don't pander to my every whim".

In the end, yes, he is annoying. But, you can take steps to avoid him, his 
posts, and the replies. Set up mail rules, procmail, whatever you need to 
do. And, while this may be a hassle, a good set of mail filtering 
templates is always a good idea, because Anthony is not the first flaming 
troll to ever be on this, or any mailing list, and he will not be the 
last. You would do well to accept this, start filtering replies, and bask 
in the new found signal to noise ratio.

I have him blocked, but, not the replies. I think mostly, the list mages 
are handling him well, and, reading the fallout is far more entertaining.


Although the Buddhists will tell you that desire is the root of 
suffering, my personal experience leads me to point the finger at system 
 	--Philip Greenspun

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