Anthony's drive issues.Re: ssh password delay

Jerry Bell jbell at
Tue Mar 22 04:53:02 PST 2005

> No, the only way to find the error is to find someone who knows the
> FreeBSD code and is competent and willing to discuss the problem,
> instead of people who spend their time blowing smoke in order to avoid
> admitting that they haven't a ghost of a clue as to what the problem is.

You're looking for the reason that your older hardware runs on NT and
doesn't run on FreeBSD.  Save any real hardware problem, the reason is
most certainly pure incompatibility between the hardware and the drivers
that are in FreeBSD.

When someone goes to write a driver (unless it's provided by the
manufacturer, which I don't think is all that common) for a piece of
hardware, they have a piece of hardware and some docs on how to interface
with it.  If the firmware on the board they are using is later than yours,
and is incompatible in some slight way that the driver author took
advantage of, you see this exact problem.  The driver authors ask for
people to test the drivers out - but if no one who is willing/ready/able
to test is running an older firmware rev, then the testing doesn't extend
back to your version and it's not found to be a problem until someone like
you comes along and trips over an incompatibility.  I've had this very
thing happen for several different older raid cards.  In every case, I
fixed the problem by upgrading the firmware.

Alternatively, you can try linux.  They tend to support all sorts of crazy
hardware versions.

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