Anthony's drive issues.Re: ssh password delay

Peter Risdon peter at
Tue Mar 22 02:06:53 PST 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-22 at 10:13 +0100, Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Ted Mittelstaedt writes:
> Only one thing has changed in this machine: I replaced Windows NT with
> FreeBSD.  Windows NT had no problem with the SCSI drives; FreeBSD has a
> problem with them.  Therefore FreeBSD is defective.

Just for the record, since we seem to be stuck in a loop of comparing
apples with oranges:

1. Does either Windows 2003 or XP SP2, the only versions of Windows that
are meaningful comparisons with the latest versions of FreeBSD, fully
and without errors support this SCSI adapter and drive combination?

2. Does a version of FreeBSD that is contemporary with NT and your
machine (ancient, unsupported, like NT) drive this hardware OK?

_ALL_ operating systems have some issues with some old hardware.
Migrating to Windows XP, for example, was impossible on some machines
never than yours. I've retired Compaq servers that were less ancient
than your machine and *built for Windows* because some hardware
(specifically SCSI adapters, incidentally) was incompatible with _any_
currently supported version of Windows. 

In the sense that maintaining support for all discontinued devices ever
made would be a seriously misguided use of resources, this is a feature
rather than a *defect*.

The comparisons you have been making are fatuous. I had thought they
were about as fatuous as it's  possible to get, but then I saw your post
that said UNIX is twenty years older than NT, and that gets the prize.

> No, the only way to find the error is to find someone who knows the
> FreeBSD code and is competent and willing to discuss the problem,

You bet. Paid help is surely available. What you fail to realise is that
nobody is under any obligation to give you such detailed and
time-consuming help FOR FREE. 

FreeBSD development follows the lines decided on by the development
team, just like every OS in the world. If no developers choose to spend
time fixing (non-destructive) issues for you, personally, then that's
their choice. If that is their choice, it's a pretty good one.

I'd love to see you harangue Microsoft for personalised development and
support in the way you've been haranguing this list.

And, after all is said and done, if your hardware is unsupported, so
what? It's very, very old. This isn't a fault or a defect; it's part of
the spec. You can find LOTS of archaic hardware that is incompatible
with the latest versions of FreeBSD - or Apple Mac, or Linux, or (sit
down for this one) Windows. 

Staggeringly, you don't appear to realise this. You obviously have
significant computer experience, but this is something the greenest
newbie is aware of.

> You obviously have no idea what's wrong; why do you continue to reply?

Maybe he was trying to help? That seems to have been a mistake.


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