Anthony's drive issues.Re: ssh password delay

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Tue Mar 22 01:25:16 PST 2005

Freminlins writes:

> On a different OS.

Exactly.  With _identical_ hardware.  So if the hardware ran under the
other OS, but not under this OS, where do you look first for the

If your car runs perfectly for years with one brand of oil, and then you
change brands and the engine seizes, where do you look for the source of
the problem?

> Don't try and put your words in my mouth.

I'm just pointing out the unavoidable implication of what you said.  NT
ran on this hardware for eight years without a hitch; FreeBSD cannot do
the same.  It's not the hardware.

> On your ancient hardware with an ancient OS you didn't have problems.

UNIX is twenty years older than NT.

> Why not stick with it if it's been so reliable?

I wanted to try FreeBSD.

Is that what you tell people who have trouble getting FreeBSD to work?
"Reinstall your old OS"?


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