MS Exchange server on FreeBSD?

RacerX racerx at
Mon Mar 21 11:52:02 PST 2005

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005, RacerX wrote:

> On Mon, 21 Mar 2005, Anthony Atkielski wrote:
>> Ted Mittelstaedt writes:
>>> The problem is you just don't want it to be a hardware problem because
>>> you don't accept the possibility that the NT driver wrote around a
>>> hardware problem and the FreeBSD driver doesen't.
>> No, I don't want to run on a wild goose chase just because it hurts
>> someone's pride to think that FreeBSD might have a bug.
>> The only thing that changed on this machine was a move from Windows NT
>> to FreeBSD.  Therefore the source of the problem is FreeBSD.
>>> Despite the fact that making up for hardware problems with
>>> writearounds in the software drivers is a common thing in the
>>> industry.
>> That would explain the "quirks" coding in FreeBSD, then, wouldn't it?
>> Or is this only bad when other operating systems do it?
>>> So you won't do the testing to prove that it is or isn't a hardware
>>> bug, and thus you can continue pretending to yourself that it must be
>>> software, and thus not your responsibility.
>> Nobody here knows enough about FreeBSD to even tell me what its messages
>> mean; I don't see any particular reason to knock myself out indulging
>> their baseless conjectures.
>> -- 
>> Anthony
> Oh for fucks sakes, stop insulting the folks that are offering solutions.
> Like I posted before - upgrade your firmware to meet FBSD half way .
> How do you expect an OS written for 2005 to play well with shit that was made 
> in 97?
> Get a grip, stop insulting us - we're NOT the enemy here. However, YOUare 
> makeing them.
> Best regards,
> Chris

You need to remember something Anthony, we're all doing this based on our 
experiances w/FreeBSD - we don't get paid to lend our experiances.

You have some options:

1. Investigate EVERY avenue at your disposal (including your hardware)
2. PAY for FreeBSD support (Yes, you can do that)
3. Go back to WindowsNT - and leave us alone.

Remember, we're here to help each other out when we can - not insult 
everyone, not bitch and moan when you can't have your way, not throw 
tantrums when others wish for you be forthcoming and do your part to 
determine the issues (again, even considering your hardware etc.)

And certainly not argue the points of one OS over another. I imagine that 
once you do all of the above - the folks here may think differantly of 

However, if that's of no issue to you, and all you want to do is feed 
negitive vibes here, I'm sure many of us can assit you in the removal of 
you from the list.

Best regards and warm hugs


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