sshd configuration after mergemaster

John DeStefano john.destefano at
Mon Mar 21 09:55:40 PST 2005

I've just completed a successful transition from 5.3-BETA7 to
5.3-RELEASE via the usual "makeworld" procedures.  Thanks to spending
some time with "mergemaster -p", all of my configuration seems to have
carried over and is working perfectly, with the exception of ssh.  The
only difference between the original and temporary versions of
sshd_config was a single line I had entered in order to prevent "root"
from logging in via ssh as "root".  Everything else, with the obvious
exception of the config file signature, was the same.

Yet I'm now getting errors when I try to ssh from any location
(remote, LAN, even testing on the same terminal).  If I don't do "-v",
the terminal window just disappears or shows no feedback.  "-v" shows
"no more authentication methods to try".

I then found a passage in a SSHD book that says to copy sshd.pam from
the OpenSSH contrib folder in src to /etc/pam.d/ssh, and change the
owner to root and permissions to 664. This certainly did something, as
-v now shows quite a different message:
invalid facility 'sshd' (ignored)
fatal: PAM: initialisation failed

I have not used PAM before.  Is it now a requirement in order to use
ssh?  or am I going overboard to solve a simple problem?


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