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Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein-freebsd-questions at theloosingend.net
Mon Mar 21 05:15:14 PST 2005

* Theo de Raadt [2005-03-19 20:27 -0700]
>  We do it all the time!
>  We mail a vendor, and then we start a frank dialogue.  I (or some
>  other developer, maybe even Bill Paul from FreeBSD
>  (Mr. Ethernet)... anyways, people like that.. ) explain the business
>  case to the vendor.
>  They almost always understand, and then give us documentation.
>  Sometimes they open the documentation wide up!

Seems to me that you need to get in contact with the stock holders of 
these companies. I do not know too much about the USA, but in Norway 
everyone who owns (any number of) stock in any public company, have a 
legal right to attend the general assembly that such companies are legally 
bound to organize every year. As a stock holder you hva ethe right to both 
speak at the general assembly and to propose a case trialed and to demand 
a issue to be considered and dealt with.

Why not buy exactly one (1) stock in each and every hardware company there 
is in the USA? Show up, speak to the audience (the other stock holders), 
and have your case heard.

Also, the stock holder register is probably also open to the public, which 
mean you could contact each and every one of the other stock holders and 
let them hear your case. I am sure Adaptec (or any other company) would 
want to listen to their owners.

But then again; what do I know about business?

Svein Halvor

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