MS Exchange server on FreeBSD?

Chris racerx at
Sun Mar 20 06:47:58 PST 2005

Jerry Bell wrote:
> Count me in on the group that doesn't think that a web-based system is
> adequate for the enterprise, but in the realm of web-based groupware
> systems, I have taken a strong liking to group office.  I've not used all
> of these below, but I've been most impressed with group office's interface
> and features.
> Jerry

That's a nice one - So allow me to jump ahead of Anthony, while many of
these products are in the infant stages, and others are developed very
well - they may not do EXACTLY what Exchange does. Then again, for the
overall cost of these alternative products, there is lots to offer, and
the future looks very bright indeed for these Open Source alternatives.

The biggest thing that MS needs to consider (or even worry about) is
while companies consider the overall cost of the commercial products,
they can consider the cost of the Open Source products as viable candidates.

Once you factor in the savings of the app, the cost to train the staff,
and the hours lost - it well may come out the same as the cost of using
Exchange... With only one major factor to consider. What's the cost of
maintenance? How much does it cost to upgrade your Exchange Server?

Consider all the aspects involved with that, IE: Windows2000 has an
initial end of support date of June 2005. So, if that date holds true,
you need to upgrade the OS Exchange runs on, and if you run
Exchange2000, what's the life of that, being that Exchange2003 is out.

On the other hand, with OS, it's a minimal fee for the OS (if you pay
for it) and the same with the OS Exchange alternatives.

While I like Exchange, I do see the alternatives making very strong
advances and arguments to be used.

>>Have a look here:
>>eGroupWare (at
>> (at
>>Open Source Exchange Replacement (at
>>PHPGroupware (at
>>Best regards,

Best regards,

A little ignorance can go a long way.

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