Adaptec AAC raid support

Theo de Raadt deraadt at
Sat Mar 19 14:19:01 PST 2005

> Do you ask for the blueprints to the plane before you get onboard?  Do 
> you demand that Ford or GM give you the source to the fuel ingector 
> computer before you get into a car?  I'm saying that resources are out
> there that will allow OpenBSD users to manage their RAID arrays RIGHT 
> NOW.  No, they don't meet the goals of open source, but they meet the 
> goals of getting the job done.  If not having the source is a problem, 
> then that's your choice and you don't have to use it.  But why deprive
> people of a choice, like Theo wants.  Freedom is about choice.

FreeBSD users...  watch how Scott argues against free software.. and
cc's the person at Adaptec who he says we should not be mailing...

oh boy....

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