Adaptec AAC raid support

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Sat Mar 19 14:00:58 PST 2005

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> Theo, I'd like to make a comment as a new user in this community:
> I think BSD is great. I don't care what flavor you're talking about; I
> think they're great. I use FreeBSD, but I have great respect
> for OpenBSD
> and the others, and it was a hard choice deciding which to run.
> However, when I see TOP_FREEBSD_MEMBER_1 saying
> full of crap", and then TOP_OPEN_BSD_MEMBER_1 comes back and says "How
> dare you" and starts antagonizing TOP_FREEBSD_MEMBER_1 (on the FreeBSD
> mailing list, in fact; in full view of everyone, instead of privately),
> it makes me wonder, how the hell is this community ever going to get
> taken seriously?

If this didn't happen, Bnonn, every once in a while I WOULDN'T take
EITHER of them seriously.

> Yeah, I know, "You're new here, aren't you </rimshot>"

:-)  Everyone is new every once is a while.

The fact that both of them care enough to get mad about it proves that
they have what it takes to sit down and produce something usable.

The people that don't care enough to get riled up, are the kinds of
clock-punchers who's work will never amount to anything.

Why do you think that Microsoft's stuff is so poor?  Most of the people
working there care about personal job security, health insurance,
sabatticals and other perks first.  The actual products they are working
come far down on the list in importance.
That is why you will never see a Microsoft developer make these kinds of
personal attacks on a mailing list.  They simply don't really give a


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