Adaptec AAC raid support

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Sat Mar 19 13:48:43 PST 2005

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> Scott is or was under NDA with Adaptec.  Scott certainly is not in a
> position to give away all of Adaptec's internal documentation.
> Frankly, I doubt even the CEO of Adaptec would be free to simply give
> away all of their internal docs-- Adaptec undoubtedly has NDA
> obligations with their partners, chip suppliers, and so forth, which
> constrains what they can make public.

This is bullcrap.  Adaptec is quite obviously the single largest customer
of any of those chip partners.  If they told those partners they wern't
going to sign an NDA those partners would say "How high do you want me
to jump, sir"

> But the hardware vendors aren't obligated to meet your demands,

This is also bullcrap.  The hardware vendors are obligated to support
THEIR customers who have bought product from them.  Some of those
customers want to run OpenBSD.  Therefore the hardware vendors are
obligated to get off their fat asses and work with the OpenBSD people
regardless of how they may personally like or dislike them.


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