Kylix or libborqt

Rod Person personrp at
Fri Mar 18 08:16:01 PST 2005

On Thursday 17 March 2005 3:40 pm, John wrote:
> Hey, folks!
> My problem is that, of course, it is only compiled for MS-Windows
> and Linux.  That's OK, I have Linux compatibility installed so that
> I can run acroread.  What makes matters worse is that it was built
> using something called Kylix by Borland (
> As such, it depends on a library called
> I'm pretty much a newbie to Linux applications on FreeBSD.  I got
> acroread running because the packages did everything for me.  So...
> 1) Do I need a Linux, or a FreeBSD one?
> 2) Should I forget trying to run the darn thing in Linux mode
>    and try to port it to FreeBSD, since it is open source?
> The biggest problem with porting it would probably be Kylix
> itself, which, while GPL, I haven't found the source.  It must
> be quit extensive, because the download is 90.7 Mb and includes
> two high-performance C++ compilers.  The Windows version came with
> whatever DLLs it needed, so I suspect you don't really have to
> go THAT far.

Kylix is a Borland IDE that is basically Delphi (Object Pascal) for Linux, 
although the last version did include C++. As far as I know the Kylix project 
died at borland. I use Delphi at work so I was psyched when Kylix came along.

BUT....kylix never ran on FreeBSD, people tried for sometime but I don't think 
anyone ever got it beyond installing. As for that lib if its not a lib 
supplied by kylix then just grab the lib and install it, but with the "qt" in 
the name I suspect that its some borland modified qt based lib.

As for data modeling I have to think there are some out there but I don't 
use any so someone else will have to tell you.



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