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José Nicolás Castellano jncastellano at
Fri Mar 18 03:37:29 PST 2005

Dick Hoogendijk wrote:

>I log in from a remote windows computer on my school using PuTTY w/
>ssh2. What I'd like to know is how *safe* is the login from this windows
>machine? I mean, can my login to my FreeBSD server at home be
>*monitored* by someone while I'm using this windows machine at work?
>Can the keystrokes that I use *in* PuTTY be seen by anybody on this
>windows network at work. If so, what can I do about it to be more safe?
>I would like to be able to login to my home computer without being
>worried about some sneaky system operator at work (school) ;-)
Mmm. Ssh only can *certificate* you that no one is capturing trafic 
between server and client (freebsd and putty), ssh stablishes a ciphred 
tunnel consistent in a two keys (private and public).

Ssh client ( or putty in your case ) don't *warranty* if your computer 
client is running a keylogger or a trojan horse. If client is keylogged 
or trojaned you are died :-D, buy an antivirus or  something for M$ 
Platforms. In *nix systems, relay to the administrator...

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