Marco Greene (ML) mweg at sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 17 12:31:57 PST 2005

Thanks...that worked.  I just found ip-up/ip-down in the pppd man page, but
I guess that is not what I was really after for running something after a
userland connection comes up.


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Hi Marco,
It works fine for me.
But my file name is ppp.linkup, according to man ppp
and I used the following way

MakHine# cat ppp.linkup
 !bg sh -c "sleep 75;/usr/local/bin/noip2 -U 59"

Aftab Jahan Subedar
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Marco Greene (ML) wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have found a few postings regarding the /etc/ppp/ip-up and ip-down
>and the fact that they do not work.  I am experiencing the same thing and I
>have tried all of the hints that I found in those threads but with little
>success.  I would really like to use these scripts.  Are there any hints?
>-I have set the permissions to 555
>-#!/bin/sh is the first line in the script
>Are there any other things that I may have missed?
>Note:  pppoe is setup as per the handbook with a few modifications as found
>on one of the links given by the handbook.
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