Stupid ASCII loader prompt

Marco Greene (ML) mweg at
Thu Mar 17 11:25:21 PST 2005

Here is my 2 cents worth...Can we please stop filling our inboxes with

A logo...a mascot...who really cares.  If whoever put it there wants it
there, then let them put it there. 

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> > > adding my $0.02 to the pot
> > >
> > > I hope FreeBSD folks have more pride in their product than
> > > to allow a few malcontents cause a logo change.  If bestie goes
> > > AWOL so may I.  Using a product when its own designers won't
> > > stick by it seams unwise.
> >
> > It's important to understand that there's only 1 or 2 of the core
> > members that have sticks up their ass about this issue.  The rest
> > of them don't understand why it's necessary to waste time or labor
> > on this issue.
> >
> > The question then becomes if your a core member, are you going to
> > bother to spend time on a logo change or not?  If the 1 or 2 core
> > members come up with a different logo, the rest of core probably
> > isn't going to expend effort on changing the logo, and all the work
> > to do this will rest on the shoulders of the 1 or 2 malcontents.
> >
> > What I think is going to end up happening if they do get a decent
> > logo out of this contest, is that ultimately your going to see the
> > new logo used in a few places here and there on the Internet, and
> > your going to see beastie used at most other places.  It will simply
> > present more confusion to non-FreeBSD users if it does anything at
> > all.  Most likely it will do nothing at all, in the same way that
> > GM for example uses multiple brands for the same iron.
> >
> > Ted
> We live in a day and age where it is politically incorrect to
> take pride
> in anything, and it shows.

No, not at all.  The right-wingers take lots of pride in successfully
being able to destroy ANWR for example.

More accurately, the United States has a political system that is
suceptable to control by minorities, and every once in a while the
right-wingers who are a minority in the country, manage to seize
control until cooler heads prevail.  We are in one of these times.

Don't forget the same thing happened with Prohibition.  You and I wern't
alive then, but the ultraconservative christians managed to take control
then also, and the result of that failed attempt was the Mafia.

I am afraid that a political system where the minority never gets a
chance of control is much worse than a political system where the
minority gets control every once in a while.  So enduring these periods
of time is I am afraid, one of the payments that we must make.

Also remember if you examine the core of the ultraconservative beliefs
that they do not have suppression of individual liberties in those
beliefs.  So, any time the ultraconservatives get control they cannot
help being hipocrites, and thus their movement carries with it the seeds
of it's own destruction.  Don't forget what took down Newt Gringrich.
All ultraconservatives are hipocrites when they attempt to apply their
philosophy, thus the movement carries an automatic self-limit.


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