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> I see changing the logo as an act of cowardice because you are
> giving in
> to the religious right who have their own agenda which involves
> dominating everyone's ideas about religion.  I would urge the FreeBSD
> community to stick to their guns and take a stand for religious freedom
> for everyone.  You have a right to your logo.  It's been your logo for
> 20 years and no bunch of religious bigots should be able to make you
> change it.  I'm not saying that they have to agree with you, but they
> don't have the right to force you to change.

Hi Jimi,

  First, if yuor a FreeBSD user it's YOUR logo too, not just mine.

  Second, I agree with the sentiments - which is why I do not intend
to participate in the rediculous "contest" for a new logo which was
announced here last month.  I urge everyone else not to participate also.

  The core developers who want to change Beastie are not graphic artists,
they know they aren't graphic artists, and they have never been able to
come up with anything to replace beastie that looks a tenth as good.
know this which is why the put together the contest.  If nobody
in the contest then they will be back where they started from and will
not have gained anything in the attempt to change beastie.

  If that happens not only will beastie stay but the malcontents will
gotten such a significantly embarassing and bloody nose over the affair
that they will then hopefully drop this stupid and misguided campaign.

  Remember - these religious right politically correct types draw
in numbers.  They know they are a minority in the userbase, and so the
only hope they have of winning is the following:

1) is getting a sufficient number of FreeBSD users converted
over to the way they think.

2) Hiding behind the existing FreeBSD core team and making the rest of
us think that the entire core team is united in wanting to toss Beastie.

So far, numbers 1 and 2 aren't true, and unless the userbase starts
thinking that they are, this effort will die a quiet death.


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