no route to host - urgent problem

Laszlo Zsolt Nagy nagylzs at
Wed Mar 16 23:20:26 PST 2005

 Hi All!

I could compile a new kernel (4.8 p27). It logs in to an ADSL line with 
ppp (tun0 created). But I cannot ping even myself.
This is a router, the other device is connected to a local network 

ping:sendto:no route to host

messias>netstat -nr

Destination      Gateway      Flags   Refs   Use   Netif    Expire      UH      1      3      lo0
172.16.0/20   link#2   UC   3   0   rl0

I dot see the gateway here  (Flags: G) but it should work for 
without it.

ARP is also working, the physical connection is okay on the LAN:

? ( at 00:50:1d:5f:18:20 on rl0 [ethernet]

I also tried this:

messias>route add default

The default gateway  became "  UGSc rl0". Despite this:

PING ( 56 data bytes
ping: sendto: No route to host

"named" does not work either. It is started but when I start nslookup it 
says 'No response from server'.

Is it a missing 'options' from the kernel config? The same machine was 
working before with the same setting
but a different kernel (GENERIC). Unfortunately, I need to do this 
within 1 hour. Employees are coming
and they will cut my neck....


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