5.3 & IBM PC Server 325 Type 8639-1RY

Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Wed Mar 16 09:38:09 PST 2005

JM wrote:

> I have installed 5.3 several times and I am using the built in
> nic an PCI AMD card.
> I can not seem to change the card to full-duplex using ifconfig
> or the built in sysinstall. I noticed there appeared to be other
> problems with IBM machines.
> My ? is this a recognized problem or something new?
> My server also has dual processors in it.
> Thanks for your time.

Hi, JM!  Thanks for posting.

I'm not sure that I'm the guy to help you, but I just
wanted to point out that it might be helpful to give
us the output of `uname -a` as suggested in the
default /etc/motd (that you should see when you
log in), and the relevant parts of `dmesg`, especially
any mention of the PCI bus, drivers for these NICs and
anything that looks like it might be an error.

Also, if you want to check whether the "problem"
has been reported by anyone else, there is a search
interface on the website (www.freebsd.org) that might
help you find any problem reports dealing with a
specific driver or hardware device.

I hope you get it working soon.

Kevin Kinsey

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