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Unfortunately, I can't change the server. It's a server for our marketing
department, and they like it the way it is. 

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> Is it possible to set up a FreeBSD server to act as a gateway between 
> an appletalk file server and a group of tcp/ip based windows PCs? What 
> I'm trying to do is enable a group of PCs on the same physical network 
> as the appletalk file server to be able to access files on that 
> server. Windows XP, it would seem, does not support appletalk 
> natively. Please CC any responses to me. Thank you.
Not exactly the same as you are trying to do here but I have in the past run
both netatalk and samba on the same FBSD machine to share the same FS
between apple and winblows clients. Was pretty stable for a couple of years
and then I didn't need to do that anymore so I uninstalled netatalk. Can you
move the FS to a FBSD box ? If so that would be my suggestion.




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