Setting up a danish locale

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Mon Mar 14 17:15:09 PST 2005

Steve Kargl wrote:
> Erik, Thanks for the pointer.  The above partially solved
> out problem.  My colleague would like to use the US keyboard
> layout and switch to a Danish layout when he's interacting with
> someone back home.  Do you know if this is possible with xmodmap?
> I'm hoping that I can set up some shell aliases that do
> setenv do_danish  "xmodmap danish.keys"
> setenv do_english "xmodmap english.keys"

No, I personally don't like switching keyboard layouts - I want it to be 
the keys shown on the actual keyboard I use. It it is a matter of having 
the danish characters available and less important where they are, then 
it is posible to define meta-keys - If you or your visiting professor 
understands german there is an article here:

It seems to cover how to use xmodmap:

    xmodmap ${HOME}/.xmodmaprc

- section 2.2.2

I generally stick with the danish keyboard - with exception of 
c-circonflex I don't know of any latin character I can't reproduce, so I 
haven't tried.

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