[asking again] did a bad thing to my ports?

Ben Munat bent at munat.com
Sun Mar 13 20:36:54 PST 2005

Chris Hodgins wrote:
> Ben Munat wrote:
>> This morning, after running cvsup and portsdb, portversion told me I 
>> had a stale
>> dependency in linux-sun-jdk. This didn't surprise me, as I had 
>> installed the jdk yesterday
>> (and what a pain that was).
>> So, I did as it suggested and ran pkgdb -F.... it asked me some 
>> questions... well, I'll
>> just paste the output below. The question/problem is that now 
>> portversion says that I need
>> to upgrade 85 ports! When I checked a few days ago, I had nothing to 
>> upgrade, so I have a
>> feeling I messed something up. Any help would be appreciated.

> You could always play it safe, backup all the good stuff on your system 
> and just cvsup again.  Then install portmanager and start it running and 
> go to bed.  If it updates everything so be it.  At least you will feel a 
> little more confident about your system after that.
> Chris

Ok, well I ran portmanager -s and it comes up with 85 packages to upgrade too. I guess it 
was just coincidence that I went from 0 to 85 in a couple days. I've started portmanager 
-u... we'll see how long it takes!



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