connecting a FreeBSD-4.10 to Internet using DSL with static ip address

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Sat Mar 12 22:01:57 PST 2005

If your ISP does not use PPPoE it is really quite simple. I included my laptop
rc.conf just to show it plays no part: 



I take this system around to a site using cable, dsl, my office where I connect
via a wireless network and, under duress dial-up. For that reason I boot up and
then connect. Every where except for the office that is as simple as: 

  dhclient ep0

as that the antique NIC I use. Both the cable modem and the DSL modem I connect
to provide DHCP on the inside. On the outside, the cable modem seems to get a
fixed IP from its network. My DSL connection uses 192.168.0 addresses but all
you have to do is connect to the modem as a gateway. My wireless setup:

  ifconfig wi0  wep wepkey 0x...
  dhclient wi0

If your modem has a fixed IP adding

   ifconfig_nic0="inet  netmask"

to rc.conf should be all you need.

You can of course do this manually by:

   ifconfig nic0 add inet  netmask
   route add default

I would then first try to ping an IP address and then a host name. If your ISPs
DNS really is bad, you can change the hostname to localhost to avoid all the
dns timeouts. If it all works, netstat -nr will have a line something like:

Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
default         UGS         0    12052    wi0

I hope this helps

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, Cheezy Vines wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> I have a FreeBSD-4.10 machine and a newly connected DSL with static ip
> address. The DSL connection setup uses an ADSL modem (SMC7901BRA) 
> which has 1 connection to my phone line and 1 connection to my LAN
> card using UTP cable. In Windows XP setup, the process of setting up
> Internet is just as easy as configuring the TCP/IP prpoerties with the
> static ip address given to me and other details such as gateway, dns,
> subnet mask etc.
> My machine has a dual-boot WinXP and FreeBSD-4.10. As I've said above,
> I can easily connect to the Internet using the WinXP. But, I want to
> try FreeBSD to connect to the Internet, but it doesn't work.
> Here's what I did to test if I can connect to Internet via DSL using FreeBSD:
> 1. Reboot or boot to FreeBSD-4.10
> 2. Login as root
> 3. /stand/sysinstall to assign IP address, gateway, and dns
> 4. Reboot machine to make sure new IP settings take effect
> 5. Do an ifconfig and see that the IP settings are correct
> 6. I can ping my own IP address (static IP address of the DSL assigned
> by my ISP)
> 7. When I try to ping the ISP's given gateway, I receive "ping to:
> Host is down".
> 8. Seeing the modem status, the "LAN" and "SYNC" signals are up but
> the "DATA" is off.
> I have tried searching the net with FreeBSD+DSL but all I can read is
> about "PPPoE" which requires a "username" and "password" which I don't
> have. My DSL account is an "always on" account with a static IP
> address and I guess it doesnt have a username/password for connection
> to the ISP.
> Does FreeBSD need to detect my DSL modem if it is connected to the NIC
> using a UTP cable connected to the modem? Here's my setup:
> [DSL modem]<--------->[DSL Provider] (provides static IP address) 
>         |
>         |
>         |
> [FreeBSD's LAN card]
> Does anybody has an experience connecting FreeBSD to a DSL with a
> static IP address and has similar setup above?
> Actually my real purpose is to use FreeBSD as LAN gateway using the
> DSL connection. But I wanna try first connecting the FreeBSD machine
> as a stand-alone PC which uses the simple setup above. If this setup
> works, the gateeway setup will surely work too.
> Thank you very much!
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