cannot alloc XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX bytes for inphead.........fsck error...

matt virus mattvirus at
Fri Mar 11 00:51:53 PST 2005

When trying to run FSCK on a raid array, i'm presented with the error in 
the subject

I'm fairly certain i know the corrupted directory.  It happens to have 
no files in it, yet it's listed at 404104882946560 bytes in size.

rm -rf comes back saying directory not empty

After some reading, i found others with the same problem that solved the 
problem by running fsck.

Running fsck prompted the 'cannot alloc 29387498573987123984758392123 
bytes for inphead" error and i'm unable to fsck the drive.

This is running fbsd 5.2.1

Any suggestions ? :-)


Matt Virus ("veer-iss")

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