Timer setting in FreeBSD

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at wanadoo.fr
Thu Mar 10 18:24:05 PST 2005

I was reading that recent versions of Linux have increased the base
timer rate (for scheduling and other purposes) from 100 Hz to 1000 Hz.
I note that FreeBSD apparently will increase this in the same way in

Is there a way to adjust this value (by configuration, modifying source,
sysctl, etc.)?  Can it be done on a running system?  If it can be
changed, are there any significant reasons for adjusting it, and what
are the pros and cons?

Having 1000 interrupts per second just to keep track of the time seems
excessive to me in most configurations.  Does anyone know how long this
interrupt takes to service under FreeBSD with specific processors?


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