install FreeBSD 5.2R under Bochs-2.1.1

Lee Harr missive at
Thu Mar 10 14:44:12 PST 2005

>   I want to install FreeBSD 5.2R within Bochs.
>   I inserted FreeBSD bootable CD , and created a new 500Mb image file
>for virtual HD via bximage.exe tools.
>   When I dedicated bochs boot from cd-rom , it seems un-bootable.
>  Alternatively, I copied boot.flp to Bochs folder and booted from
>virutal floppy , it's bootable. but when it want to install whole
>system, I chose CD-ROM media , sysinstall said " cannot mount
>/dev/acd0c , Input/Output error " .

Are you doing this as a regular user?
Do you have access to the device?
Are you able to mount the cd?
Do you still have the iso image file on your system? I always
   used the iso file, instead of using the real cd. It is faster
   and more reliable.

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